Cover Reveal: Black Hearts White Minds by Mitch Margo 

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#CoverReveal – Black Hearts White Minds by Mitch Margo. The official release date is January 16, 2018. I have copies for review purposes!

BOOK REVIEW: “I simply loved this book, the story, the characters, and of course the basketball concept…on his first time out, Mitch Margo scores a triple double…” –Ron Himes, Founder and Producing Director St. Louis Black Repertory Company  

Black Hearts White Minds by Mitch Margo

The year is 1964 and Carl Gordon is an ill-prepared New York Assistant U.S. Attorney who has lied his way into a transfer to Stockville, Alabama, where he is supposed to monitor and enforce the Civil Rights Act. In a matter of days, the Ku Klux Klan takes aim at him, the outside agitator. 

Carl has agreed to represent Oleatha Geary, a black family matriarch who has inherited a mansion in an all-white, race-restricted neighborhood. 

Carl and Oleatha are engulfed in litigation that turns deadly. It’s anyone’s guess who will survive multiple assassination attempts, let alone whose integrity will remain intact.