Ayana: The Return by Peter Mack 

LOVE & LOYALTY COME AT A PRICE. SOMETIMES THINGS AREN’T ALWAYS WHAT THEY APPEAR. Ayana has a difficult choice to make, one which will leave a dead body behind and separate her from those she loves. 

Prada wants a normal life with husband and child. As a transgender woman this is almost  impossible.

A mission of sexual intrigue to turn Pastor Whitey Lovejoy against his sadistic deacon brings them together to save The Tabernacle Glorious.

The reward is being able to realize their dreams. What’s asked of them will tear lives apart.

** Paperback ($14.99)
** Kindle ($5.99)
** 305 pgs.

** Includes 9 bonus chapters of the critically acclaimed novel, LICKS. Prada made her first appearance in LICKS,  enlisted by Starla to help record a pair of sexually deviant priests as blackmail to free Stash.  ***

Ayana: The Return  is Now available

Peter Mack is the author of nearly twenty novels, including FILTHY, winner of a 2015 PEN American Center book award.  

Learn more about this versatile and dynamic author. View pics, bio, interviews,  videos, award winning books, reviews, Signature Peter Mack Apparel, Social Media Links, VIP LIST and more at  http://www.PeterMackPresents.com

Peter Mack

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