Boss Queens: The Stiletto Mafioso by Untamed and Timeless

Repost from @timelesseverything using @RepostRegramApp – Last but certainly not least meet the #authors of #BQSM! ➡Boss Queens The Stiletto Mafioso Myself and my writing partner @authoruntamed

Annalisa Santino has built a life based on morals and integrity instilled by her father, Angelo and mother Caroline Boss-Santino. When tragedy strikes and Caroline dies suddenly from a car accident, Annalisa moves back home and helps her father raise her twin sisters, Farrah and Isis. Saddened by their loss, they work hard to piece their lives back together again. Years later, their father, Angelo surprises his daughters with the ultimate bombshell named Jalise.

Though they vow to give Jalise a chance, sketchy details about her life begin to unfold. Uncomfortable with their father’s new love interest turned fiancée, Annalisa sets out on a mission to uncover exactly who this mystery woman is that stole their father’s heart. In the midst of it all, unexpected secrets about her mother begin to surface.

To uncover the jaded truth, Annalisa must put her faith and trust into a complete stranger, the notorious Caesar Brown, leading her to enter into a seedy world that she knows nothing about. In a tale of twists and turns, she will find out more about herself than she ever dreamed possible as she digs deep into her mother’s lifestyle and finds out what it truly means to be… a Boss.

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