Late Night Inspiration 

Do not be discouraged when life throws you a curve ball! Children getting on your nerves…at least they’re healthy enough to do something to irritate you. Laid off from your job…time to start that business you’ve always dreamed about AND collect unemployment while you do it. Relationship doesn’t work out…the right one for you is on the way! Sudden illness forces you to stay off your feet for 4-6weeks…time to do that thing that God has called you to do. Write that book, get reacquainted with your friends and family, fall in love all over again! 
Whatever you do…train your mind to see the good in EVERY situation! 

#latenightinspiration #walkinginmydestiny #purposedrivenlife #whenlifegivesyoulemons #motivationalspeaker #lifecoach #childrenareablessing #dreamchaser 

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