Book Review: Too Devout by Takerra Allen 

One of my favorite couples, Denaché “Denny” Graham aka D-Rock Graham and Neeka _. It picks up where Devout left off, with Denny in the Treatment Facility and Neeka trying to cope with life without him. She has resumed duties at the Pet Clinic and even gone back to school, but keeping busy does not fill the void. Even taking care of her daughter Milania seems like an overbearing task. 
Meanwhile, Denny is doing his best to accept the treatment for his various mental health issues, which at times can be difficult…due to the circumstances. He still has a hand in the streets, but delegated more responsibility to his cousin Tyler. Something happens and he returns home sooner than expected…and that’s when the drama unfolds. 

Two people who are destined to be together, can’t seem to get it together and my emotions were all over the place. One thing that remained was the unconditional love and adoration that was displayed between Denny and Neeka. At times it was downright SCARY!!! So wrapped up was I, that I had to take a sneak peek at the ending and was so happy that I did!

I highly recommend this book and give it 💎💎💎💎💎. Once again, I applaud @bytakerraallen for tackling heavy social issues that many of us choose to ignore. 

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