Seducing The Pen Tour: Men and Intimacy, Real Answers by Therez 

Repost from @crownholdersinc:

#SeducingThePenTour – Men and Intimacy: Real Talk, Real Answers by Therez Fleetwood. Listen to a reading: 

In Men and Intimacy, Real Talk. Real Answers you will learn: Do men really want intimacy? What do men find sexy in a woman? Do men get bored with sex? Why do men cheat? What are the most important things to men in a relationship? This book explores what type of women are men really looking for and much MORE!

This book was not written to point fingers or blame men in any way. It was written to allow men to be fully self-expressed. It will also help men find their voice of self-expression as they read and connect with the different answers provided by this diverse group whose statements may resemble their own.   

My hope with Men and Intimacy, Real Talk, Real Answers is that couples use these questions as a guide to help discover intimacy within each other through honest conversations and begin their journeys of creating intimacy together.

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