We Will Never Forget

Warning: Long Post
September 11th has come to be one of sadness for me. I remember being pregnant, working at UPS, and receiving a call from my ex, telling me he picked the kids up from school, because he was called into work and had no idea when he would be home. I tried to play it off for the kids sake, but couldn’t stop crying internally, because I couldn’t get in contact with my mother (in NJ). If it wasn’t a busy signal,then the phone lines were all down. 

Nothing could have prepared me for the horrific sights of people jumping out of office windows to safety and others walking home for hours…just to get to their loved ones.

Every year, I’m glued to the television…crying like a baby, but this year, I decided to run errands and try to not be an emotional wreck in the process. 

Lo and behold, my first stop (which was supposed to be in and out) ended up lasting 30 minutes and guess what was on the television?…the reading of the names of those lost on this day. There was a young lady who had never met her father, but told him how much she loved him…based on the stories she’d heard from family. Well, the rest, as they say, ladies and gentlemen, was a wrap for my emotional self. 

I just kept thinking, “I wonder how Daddy Bush and his cronies can sleep at night? Better yet, does he try to avoid this ceremony as much as I did today?”


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