Seducing The Pen Online Book & Blog Tour:  Abuse Of Discretion by Pamela Samuels Young 

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Pamela Samuels Young Tackles Teen Sexting Epidemic. Read more:

Abuse of Discretion, Young’s eighth mystery, provides a shocking look at the consequences of teen sexting and also takes readers inside the juvenile criminal justice system. In the book, 14-year-old Graylin is charged with possession of child pornography. The A-student and his father soon find themselves embroiled in a legal nightmare. Abuse of Discretion is the sequel to Young’s thriller, Anybody’s Daughter, which garnered her an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Fiction.

Before writing Abuse of Discretion, Young had no idea that a teen who sends a naked picture of themselves or another minor could be charged with distributing child pornography. “I’m a lawyer and I didn’t know this,” Young says. “Parents need to talk to their children and be aware of what they’re doing on their computers and cell phones. When the police show up at your door, it’s way too late.”

Young feels strongly that society sends mixed messages to children. “Today’s kids are inundated with sex,” Young notes. “It’s everywhere: on TV, in music, in movies, in advertising. Our teens watch shows like The Bachelor and see a guy making out with three or four nearly naked girls in less than an hour. So when they hit puberty and start exploring their own sexuality, of course they don’t think it’s any big deal to send a naked picture. We shouldn’t penalize them with life-altering criminal penalties for being too immature to fully comprehend the consequences of their actions.”

( Continued on Black Pearls Magazine… )

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