Karma 2 by Antoinette R Davis

Repost from @crownholdersinc:
#BlackBooksWeekend Featured Book: KARMA 2 by Antoinette R. Davis. Karma 2 will hit and no one will be ready for the impact. Explore books by Antoinette: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LWVM9PG

Elston is hit with some unexpected news that relieves him on one hand and complicates things on the other hand. He now knows who Brenda ‘s killer really is and cannot tell anyone to protect his family; while in the meantime his ex girlfriend is sitting in Central Booking for a murder she didn’t commit. The Amos family welcomes three new additions to the family but loses one to an unexpected death. 

With Brenda’s trial behind Elston feels now his life is back on track so he wants to pursue a career in politics and his sights are on City Hall however he will face a tough and shrewd incumbent who doesn’t play fair and Katherine Hugh will stop at nothing to discredit her opponent. Elston is looking for his wife to stand by him during his run for Mayor but Miko is to busy doing her own running around.

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