Replay:  Diamond’s World Best Books of 2016

The readers of Diamond’s World have spoken! 
The following books have been named as the “Best Books of 2016”:

1. An Affair in Munthill by @bytakerraallen 

2. Jaylin: The Aftermath by @brendahampton_1 

3. Diamonds And Pearl by @kwan_iamlegend 

4. Pretty Kings IV: Race’s Rage by @authortstyles 

5. GAGE by @novelistblacctopp 

6. There’s Power in the V by @bytakerraallen 

7. Corporate Amerikkka by @novelistblacctopp 

8. Good Morning Reverend by @ministerrolondabrown 

9. Living Anonymous by @authoress_sjs 

10. One Sunday at a Time by @blessedselling_author_enjoy 

11. One Night Stand by @amalekamccall

12. She Rode The Bus by @mr_victor2u 

13. Nefarious by @authortstyles 

14. Heroin Heartbreak by @authorvanessa 

15. While You’re Wife’s Gone by @_latoyachandler_ 

16. If You’re Willing by @ivysymone 

17. Enough by @J. Asmara

18. That Church Life by @teresabhowell1 

19. Jezebel’s Daughter by @jacquelin.thomas 

20. Bi-Curious by Natalie Weber 

If you haven’t read any or all of these books, please take a few moments to check them out for yourself. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading! 

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