List of Best Books of 2017: Standalone Edition

The readers of Diamond’s World have spoken, and we’ve listed the following books amongst the best we’ve read in 2017:
1. Heartless Bastard by @authoramandalee 

2. The Case Manager by @_latoyachandler_ 

3. Misguided Lust by @authorcjhudson 

4. Black and White by @bennyb15 

5. An Affair in Munthill by @bytakerraallen 

6. He Saved Me by @ms._cynthia_albert 

7. Secrets and Lies by @author_careythewriteranderson 

8. Bedroom Boom by @evonna_evonna 

9. Toxin by @author_rayneshapittman and Quincey Bowen 

10. My Life, My Love, My Legacy by Coretta Scott King

11. Nefarious by @authortstyles 

12. Stand Your Ground by @victoriachristophermurray 

13. Higher is Waiting by @tylerperry 

14. The Streets Have No King by @realjaquavis 

15. Goldblooded by @the_tymarshall_era 

16. Nastygram by @cnphillips_fanpage 

17. Color, Cut, Clarity by @brooklyn_jun 

18. Victimized: Buchanan’s by @brooklyn_jun brooklynjun

19. The Whore the Wind Blew My Way by @authortstyles 

20. The Land of the Free by LR Jackson

21. Born to be Wild by @brownchicki 

22. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted by @elynnharris 

23. In My Shoes by @brendahampton_1 

25. Street Dreams by @kwan_iamlegend 

26. I Ain’t Me No More by @blessedselling_author_enjoy 

27. Sunday Morning Blues by KT Richey 

28. Stealing Candy by @allisonhobbsbestsellingauthor 

29. The Delusion of Inclusion by @authorbwsmith 

30. Jaylin: A Naughty Aftermath by @brendahampton_1 

31. Devout by @bytakerraallen 

If you haven’t read one or all of these books, please feel free to check them out at @amazon @barnesandnoble @walmart @target or your independently owned bookstore or vendor.

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