Seducing The Pen Online Book & Blog Tour

Repost from @crownholdersinc:

Let’s join veteran romance writer Patricia Anne Phillips in celebrating her new release: Two-Sided Heart in paperback and Kindle ebook. This is her BEST book yet! Book clubs will love discussing the marvelous plot twists.

Check it out and share this news with friends. Let’s make her book launch epic!

Two-Sided Heart by Patricia Anne Phillips 

Download Link:

For Randal, it is love at first sight when he lays eyes on Leah. After a short, whirlwind romance, Leah leaves all she knows behind in New Orleans and moves to Savannah, Georgia to marry her newfound love, only to exist in secrets.

Now seven years of bliss, Leah and Randal welcome beautiful, twin daughters—Leanne and Brooklyn. After several hours of intense labor, Leah falls madly in love with her babies. Randal, on the other hand, not so much. With a heart of ice, Randal makes an unconscionable decision that changes Leah’s life forever and eventually determines his demise.

After Randal became the breadwinner, forcefully taking care of everything, Leah now finds herself heartbroken, clueless, betrayed, and alone. With only Brooklyn by her side, she embarks upon a new life, with Randal’s secret constantly haunting her.

“Two-Sided Heart” is a mother’s worst nightmare.

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