Congratulations Author Untamed! 

I’m so proud of and happy for this young lady, because she definitely deserves it. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your literary journey.

*MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT*These words are still ringing in my head…

“When Preparation Meets Opportunity”! I’ve been preparing for this moment since 2009. Recently, I was signed with my awesome literary agent (been about to burst since then) and I’m so excited to announce that I have landed a MAJOR PUBLISHING DEAL with URBAN BOOKS for THREE of my books, The View, Never Again…No More and Never Again…No More 2. God gave me a vision to become a published author and I listened. Although this journey has been exhilarating, it has also been tedious. Yet, I stayed the course and the blessings are coming down. I want to THANK GOD first and foremost, next I want to thank the wonderful Diane P. Rembert who has had my back & continues to have my back on this literary journey. I thank my SUPER DOPE and AMAZING wonder working agent Author N’Tyse 😊 and of course URBAN BOOKS for this opportunity! Life was spoken into this moment years ago and I’m grateful to see all the seeds that I’ve planted and that were planted into me begin to flourish. When I tell you all that this is only the BEGINNING, I mean it. Every year will be more amazing & blessed than the next!

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