Cover Reveal: Unthinkable by Shakir Rashaan

Repost from @shakirrashaan:

My next book is (wait for it) a romance…

Now, you can pick your jaw up off the floor, m’kay? Ya boy hasn’t flipped out, I’ve begun a bit of an evolution…

Growth is good.

Anyway, the name of the book, to be released in June, is called Unthinkable. I had the inspiration years ago with this one, but I decided to update the project for present-day entertainment industry, but the difference with this one is that I kept the soundtrack that inspired me to write the book. It has an HEA, so there are no cliffhangers or anything like that..

BIG TIME KUDOS goes to J.L. Woodson and Woodson Creative Studio for the cover art! You never disappoint, Bro! 

So, without further delay, I present to you the cover art for Unthinkable, and the synopsis of the book, too! 

“If we do the unthinkable, would it make us look crazy?” 

A painful breakup leads Devin Lowery to revert back to his womanizing ways, leading him to use his good looks and high-level executive position at RPK Entertainment to his advantage—and no woman is off limits

Alexia Anthony is focused solely on her music career as a member of the R&B group, Envyye, swearing off relationships until the group is signed to a record label, despite an ex-boyfriend intent on rekindling their relationship. 

A chance meeting threatens to turn both of their worlds upside down, taking them to a place that neither one expected to go, all while trying to figure out what each of them wants most. A serendipitous revelation may complicate matters—or enhance an intensity that already existed. 

Unthinkable takes readers on a journey of love and lust, trust and betrayal, spinning a tale of a love unexpected—one that evolves beyond boundaries.

Autographed copies are available for preorder at the “house”…for those of you who are new to following me, the “house” is my website at

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