Cover Reveal: His Los Angeles Surprise by Sheryl Lister 

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If you’re a Kimani Romance reader, you may have heard of the Millionaire Moguls series. I, along with Sherelle Green and Pamela Yaye are bringing you the final installment from Oct-Dec. My contribution, HIS LOS ANGELES SURPRISE (book 2), will be released in Nov.


A millionaire with a wary heart…

And a first love worth repeating

Success couldn’t make former model Alexis Armstrong forget the one who got away. When she “rents” Derek Moore at a fund-raiser to show him what he’s missed, things don’t go as planned.

Their sizzling chemistry reignites…with lasting repercussions. Derek wants to be there for his baby, but Alexis will only marry for love. Can he convince the stubborn beauty he’s for real?


Derek came and stood next to her. “That sounds like a worthwhile project.”

She faced him. “I think so, too. But what that looks like, I have no clue right now.

He tucked a loose strand behind her ear. “I have no doubts that whatever you decide will turn out well.”

The intimate gesture shook her. “Do you?” And with him standing so close, she had forgotten that he towered over her five-foot ten height by a good seven inches.

“Absolutely. You were the smartest girl in class and I know nothing has changed.”

Before she could form a reply, Derek lowered his head and covered her mouth in a sweet, gentle kiss. He slid an arm around her waist and eased her closer. The intensity changed in the blink of an eye and when it ended, she couldn’t tell who was more surprised.

Still holding her, Derek asked, “Should I apologize?”

“Not unless you want to.”

His soft laughter floated across the air. “So, is this part of the rental?”

“It could be.” Alexis had no idea where those words came from.

Desire blazed in his eyes. “Then I say we should take full advantage and make it worth every penny you invested.”

Her pulse skipped. What have I gotten myself into? Once again, his mouth moved over hers, stunning her with a passion that stole her breath and turned her knees to jelly. This was not some awkwardly cute kiss from a seventeen year-old boy, but that of a man who had perfected the art of pleasing a woman. He released the band on her hair and groaned as the long tresses spilled over her shoulders. She’d been growing her hair since the age of thirteen, with a vow not to cut it—aside from trims—and it now hung in the middle of her back. It was her turn to moan when his hands roamed up her back and around to massage her breasts. Her head fell back and her eyes closed. Derek transferred his kisses to her exposed throat. She didn’t realize that he’d undone the first two buttons on her blouse until she felt the warmth of his tongue skating along her chest.

“Unless you want your neighbors to get an eyeful, I suggest we move this inside,” Derek murmured against the shell of her ear, his hands and lips still moving.

Alexis opened her eyes. “Inside where?”

Holding her gaze, he said, “Anywhere you want to take it.

With her body on fire, and since she had declared this a show-him-what-he’d-missed date, there was only one place she wanted to take it.

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