Whisper In The Walls by Forever Redd

Repost from @redd_writes803:


“When Kymani’s hands gripped my shoulders, I swear, I melted. He turned me towards him and placed his index finger to my chin. Although my head slightly lifted, I still refused to look in his eyes, but he finally responded to my statement. I want you too, he whispered then placed his mouth on mine. And Doc within that kiss, my desires elevated; it felt as if I had begun to soar and kissed a cloud,” Mercy shook her head at the memory. “His breath smelled of cinnamon, his lips felt like cotton and his flesh tasted as sweet as sugarcane. Again, I was rendered speechless, so I allowed instinct to be my voice and followed my own command. Raising my arms in the air, Kymani removed my shirt and my nipples stiffened at the kiss of the cool air. He eyed my topless frame, but never my face. And when he finally did look, he kissed my forehead, eyelids and my nose. It was like Kymani understood my position, no judgement, just pure passion. I felt like I couldn’t see him and he couldn’t see me, but I could smell him. I could taste him…I could feel him. The loss of sight intensified my remaining senses…”

Dr. Clinton shifted in her seat then brushed a hand across her forehead. “Ahem, interesting,” she interrupted.

“Have you ever been blindfolded, Doc?”

“Now Mercy, this visit isn’t about me. How about we focus on you and what happened with Kymani?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Just thought I’d ask. So, I stepped out of my shoes and Kymani slid my pants down. Once they crumbled to the floor, there was no going back. Picking me up, he carried me to a room in the back of his modest home, with my legs wrapped around his waist and his tongue slow dancing in my mouth. As he gently placed me on top of his pillow top mattress, the room began to spin. I was so hot and I was dizzy,” Mercy closed her eyes and tucked her pedicured feet underneath her bottom. “For a brief moment, I wanted to object. I tried to alert him by calling his name, but before I could get a word out, he whispered. Ssshh, don’t say anything. Just enjoy the moment. And I did, Doc. I swear to God, I did. I enjoyed every single minute.”

“Mercy, you said that there was something that lured you to Kymani’s bed. You said a calling, or a whisper. Let’s talk about that for a moment, if that’s ok,” Dr. Clinton suggested. “That is a new one for me, Mercy. I am not quite sure that I understand what it is that you are trying to convey. Tell me about it.” The once look of lust that had been on Mercy’s face was replaced with sadness and embarrassment. “Mercy,” Dr. Clinton stated calmly. “Mercy, in order to get to the bottom of things, you have to dig real deep. It’s going to be tiresome and it will be painful, but once you hit that bottom, there is nowhere else to go, but up. If you can’t tell me about that, then tell me exactly what brought you here, to me.”

“Voices.” Mercy replied. “I don’t just hear them, I feel them. I can feel the heat that is expelled from their lips, as they talk to my pussy. I can feel the air that is blown from their oral cavities, as they speak. Not just in my ears. I can feel it…in my walls.”

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