Book Review: The Cartel 7-Illuminati: Roundtable of Bosses by Ashley and JaQuavis 

Carter Jones finds himself in Kolkata, India, amongst a team of bosses, who have been summoned to a meeting that could possibly change their life. The question becomes-is it for their betterment or…their demise? 
Miamor is still serving time, but receives blow after blow, that will change her entire life.

Breeze finds herself in a position that no one has trained her for…federal inmate. She falls back on the principles that she has been taught her entire life to get her thru, only to be confronted by her past. 

CJ and Mo were left in the care of Aunt Breeze, but now finds themselves fending for themselves, and the outcome is not what anyone expected. 

I heard so much about this book, and decided to wait and make an unbiased opinion for myself. Let me begin by saying, @ashleyantoinette and @realjaquavis took me on an emotional rollercoaster with this 💎💎💎💎💎 read, but then again…what more can you expect from these two New York Times bestselling authors. As always, the character development was on point and the storyline kept me interested. Although I knew the outcome, I was not expecting to shed so many tears! I highly recommend this book and this series be added to your collection. 

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