Coming Soon: Sand Cove by Niyah Moore

Repost from @niyahreadmoore:

Sometimes, it’s our secrets that define us…

Sand Cove may be a beautiful secret haven tucked away from the city with the picture-perfect residents, but what lies beneath the luxury is more than what meets the eye.

Luca Moretti, thrice-divorced, is an award-winning movie director who has a reputation for bedding many of his co-stars, including his current wife, Tahira. When Tahira finds out, can he handle the tables being turned?

Tahira Moretti is a London bred actress who is unhappily married to the older, Luca, who constantly criticizes her to mask his indiscretions. His lack of attention to her practically drives her into the arms of their neighbor, Alohnzo.

Alohnzo Kelly is a very handsome bachelor who can have any woman he wants, but he only has eyes for one, Tahira, but he must cover his feelings. Keeping secrets seems to be something that runs in his family.

From the outside, Noble and Tru Mason appear to have the perfect marriage. Yet, the secrets they carry have the potential to destroy it…and them.

When one of the residents turns up dead, almost everyone becomes a suspect, and the community will no longer be the same.

Now available for pre-order

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