Book Review: Men Of The House: A B-Boy Blues Novel by James Earl Hardy

This is a love story between two men, who are raising a family. Set in Harlem, this B-Boy Blues novel finds Errol and Destiny (15 and 8 respectively) being told that Mitchell (Destiny’s father) is allowing Rahiem (Errol’s father) to move back into the house with them.

I found the dynamics of this book to be quite interesting. The bond between Errol and Destiny is one I think many young girls wish they had…myself included. The relationship between Mitchell and Errol is downright CLASSIC, and heartwarming to experience.

Two things stood out to me and that is simply “Love is love” and cherish the relationship that you have with jood (no typo) people.

I applaud New York Times bestselling author @james.e.hardy.9 for the courage to educate the reader about unconventional love between two men who genuinely love not just themselves, but their family as well. I recommend this 💎💎💎💎 book, and look@forward to reading more in the series.

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