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Behind these bricks, life comes at you fast. And whether you’re here by choice or circumstance, there are lessons to be learned as well as taught. Nobody knows The Bricks better than the women who live between them. These are their stories of lessons, blessings, love, and loss, brought to you brick by brick.
The Bricks made me who I am, and that’s not saying much seeing as I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life finding myself, only to lose myself over and over again. Through my mind floats scattered memories of my younger days, when life should’ve been sunshine and rainbows, and instead it was storms and rain. Leaving things behind became a coping mechanism, so weighed down with baggage that I barely had strength to carry the things that mattered. Pitiful, right? Using my past as an excuse to ruin my future? Well you don’t get to judge me for that; at least not until you hear my story. My name’s Keshia, by the way. I’m a resident here at the Rose Palms, apartment F58. Come on in. And be warned, my story isn’t one of those fluffy ones.

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