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#BlackFutureMonth, we honor the magic of a new author! 

 Running In Plain Sight & Other Stories by Charles R. Butts Jr. is a compilation of four diverse and entertaining short stories for you. The title story fits our Black History Month themes!

The title story, “Running In Plain Sight” chronicles the journey of Leander Sills Jr. At the age of ten, he was forced to flee after the brutal murder of his parents and his subsequent retaliation. Follow his travels as he tries to stay a step ahead of those seeking vengeance. 

“If All Minds Are Clear”, tells the story of Reverend Brantley Wilkerson II. A young, handsome and charismatic minister on the rise and newly engaged to the pastor’s daughter. But when a potential indiscretion lurks and could possibly derail his dream of being named pastor of Grace Baptist Church, will he reach his dream, or will he fall from grace?  

“Home”, follows the story of P. Randall Spires. Born an albino, he can’t shake the pain of being disowned by his father at eighteen. Now forty-eight and a successful securities trader living in Seattle, he yearns to exorcise a haunting nightmare and reconnect with his family. Can he reconcile the present by healing his past?     

“A Balanced Imbalance”, begins with another failed suicide attempt by Zachary Price, who is living with bipolar disorder and cycling from the highest heights of mania to the darkest depths of depression. With his quality of life nonexistent and everything to live for, is he willing to give his doctor, his medications and therapy one last try, or will he end it all for good? 

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Diamond’s World Presents Bernice McFadden 

*Save The Date*
Mark your calendars and pull out your books, because Friday, March 2nd at 8:30pm EST, National Bestselling author @bernicemcfadden is coming to Diamond’s World. 

Learn more about her literary journey, catalog of books (including @nubianbooknook Book of the Month “The Book of Harlan”) and what she’s doing now. 

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Book Review: Black by Joan Vassar 

Black is the name given to Nathaniel Hope Turner, son of the infamous Nat Turner, in order to hide his identity. In helping slaves to gain their freedom, Black joins forces with Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, John Brown and several other men from the Turner Plantation. He keeps returning, in hopes of getting Mama to agree to leave. Many of the newly freed slaves end up at Freedom Independence in Canada. However, there are those who seek them out, in order to either kill them or return them to slavery. 
In the midst of this turmoil, Black falls in love with Sunny (also from the Turner Plantation) and introduces her to a whole new world. 

Black (Book 1 of the Black series) was well written and the characterization was on point. This is my first book by @joan.vassar, but definitely not my last. I immediately downloaded book two (Elbert) and look forward to the newly released “Emancipation of James.” I highly recommend this book (especially if you like Historical Fiction) and give it 💎💎💎💎💎.

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