The Breakdown

“The Breakdown: In My Shoes by @brendahampton_1.
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Quote of the Day 

Today’s quote comes from “Anybody’s Daughter” by NAACP Image Award Winner @authorpsy. 
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Seducing The Pen Online Book & Blog Tour: Cover Reveal

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#CoverReveal: College Life 301: Junior Seminar by J.B. Vample

(The College Life Series, Vol 5). Read more about this incredible series for New Adult/YA contemporary fiction readers:

The College Life Series by J.B. Vample follows the lives of five young black women as they make their journey through their four years of college at Paradise Valley University. Chasity Parker, the troubled beauty, Malajia Simmons, the party girl, Sidra Howard, the prim princess, Alex Chisolm, the self proclaimed “know-it-all”, and Emily Harris, the shy mommy’s girl are five main protagonists, thrown together by chance. 

Bringing to college different voices, vastly different backgrounds, and different ways of confronting challenges. This series touches on different issues that affect college aged people; such as class pressure, family drama, personal drama, relationship issues, peer confrontations, discovery and friendship. 

This ill-assorted group discover in this new environment and through unlikely friendships who they are.