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In the searing pages of this classic autobiography, originally published in 1964, Malcolm X, the Muslim leader, firebrand, and anti-integrationist, tells the extraordinary story of his life and the growth of the Black Muslim movement. His fascinating perspective on the lies and limitations of the American Dream, and the inherent racism in a society that denies its nonwhite citizens the opportunity to dream, gives extraordinary insight into the most urgent issues of our own time. The Autobiography of Malcolm X stands as the definitive statement of a movement and a man whose work was never completed but whose message is timeless. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand America.

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*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is from @tiffanylwarren.

They are forty-something, successful, financially set . . . and done with trying to find “perfect” husbands. So why can’t Hahna, Twila, and Kimberly have men strictly for friendship, companionship—and especially mind-blowing sex? Their solution: be sugar mamas to gorgeous young studs who promise the best of having it all. But the ladies soon find that real lust and no strings is way more complicated than they thought . . .

All-business and all about the money, Hahna is drawn to Jovan, an aspiring writer. He’s content with his work and Hahna, but her determination to make him appreciate the finest things in life could easily tear them apart. Cautious Kimberly is swept off her feet by handsome adrenaline-junkie Shawn—but an old flame from her past sparks an even more dangerous passion. And for Twila, a smokin’-hot Instagram model is fulfilling all her scandalous, insatiable dreams . . . until his high-maintenance demands and jealousy throw her life into chaos. Now Hahna, Kimberly, and Twila need to trust their instincts and their hearts to reclaim their joy—and the love they truly deserve.

If you would like to purchase a copy for yourself or a friend, you can find it in the Tiffany L Warren section of the Diamond’s Literary World Amazon storefront:


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*Deal of the Day*


Bryan Stevenson was a young lawyer when he founded the Equal Justice Initiative, a legal practice dedicated to defending those most desperate and in need: the poor, the wrongly condemned, and women and children trapped in the farthest reaches of our criminal justice system. One of his first cases was that of Walter McMillian, a young man who was sentenced to die for a notorious murder he insisted he didn’t commit. The case drew Bryan into a tangle of conspiracy, political machination, and legal brinksmanship—and transformed his understanding of mercy and justice forever.

Just Mercy is at once an unforgettable account of an idealistic, gifted young lawyer’s coming of age, a moving window into the lives of those he has defended, and an inspiring argument for compassion in the pursuit of true justice.


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*Deal of the Day*


From New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe comes the story of two lifelong friends, their secrets and lies, and the new challenge that may divide them once and for all. . .

With a lovely home and family, Annette Goode finally has it all. Heaven knows she paid her dues–from an abusive childhood to a rocky start as an adult. Annette’s friend Rhoda knows too, for Rhoda has been both her savior and her greatest fear. Their relationship has survived some serious shake-ups. But now that things are good, someone apparently thinks they’re a little too good. . .

When Annette receives an anonymous–and menacing–birthday gift, it’s just the beginning of a slew of hostile letters, vicious phone calls, and vile packages from a female who is obviously disguising her voice. Comforted by Rhoda and Rhoda’s teenage daughter, Jade, Annette hopes the problem will somehow disappear. But when the threats extend to her child, Annette realizes the situation is dire. For soon her tormentor reveals exactly what she wants–and how it could destroy everything Annette has built. . .


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*Book of the Day*

Today’s book comes from Desiree R. Kannel.

John Roberts has the risky habit of infidelity, but it isn’t adult John Roberts running his life, it’s John the indignant and angry teenager. At 17, his secret girlfriend becomes pregnant, and both fathers put an end to the relationship. John’s father sends him away to live with his Aunt Idell, the family matriarch, birthing in John an anger and resentment he carries into adulthood.

Twenty years later, a run-in with his first love and his father’s stroke, causes John to believe that redemption is finally at hand. Instead, John’s luck begins to run out as he discovers how everyone has moved on, except him. John finds himself facing death, divorce, a dwindling business, and no idea how to correct the mess he has made.

Family histories, both proud and tragic, play out in the background as John tries to learn the hard act of forgiveness.

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Book Review: Trouble in Rio by Carl Weber and MT Pope

Feeling unappreciated, Rio Duncan decides to take a much-needed getaway, and ends up in Baltimore, Maryland. Here, he finds friends and potential love, but he also encounters something he least expects…danger.

Cory is the son of a well-known street hustler, who has suddenly found himself in charge of his father’s business, and the popular nightclub Wet Dreamz. Life is good, but he is hiding a secret, that may potentially end in death.

Pierre is the owner of another popular nightclub, Oz, which caters to the alternative nightlife. His search of party favors, may buy him more than he has bargained for.

I recommend this 💎💎💎💎 book by New York Times bestselling author @iamcarlweber and @mtpope, is a little different than the other books in the series. This one primarily focuses on Rio, the eccentric twin of Paris. We are introduced to yet a different side of Rio, and when times look rough, help comes a calling.

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Meet Raelynn “Gee” Smith, join her as she goes through a severe heartbreak, Juggles building her business, and balances maintaining her long-time friendship with her two best friends, Dru and Layla. Gee secretly endures a lot before things begin to look up for her. When Jaxon comes along she is nowhere near ready to deal with another man. Jaxon, being a true gentleman has no problem waiting for her and helping her get ready because whether she knows it or not, she is deemed his. There’s no denying it.

Dru a true fashionista finally gets to live out her dream, opening her boutique and settling down with her childhood sweetheart. Things seem to be going perfect and if anyone deserves it, its Dru. After years of back and forth, Reighm has finally grown up and stepped up to the plate. He’s determined to prove Dru & her friends wrong, he knows he can be the man we all hope he could be in the past.

Layla, the youngest friend and the only one in the group who is married. She runs her marketing business and takes care of their daughter full-time. Marriage for her has been rocky lately. Lorenzo, her husband, is oblivious to the lack of attention he is giving to his family and doesn’t even notice Layla slipping right from his grasp.

Can the three friends with-stand all that life has to offer? When distress plummets into their lives, will they fight to keep things spicy or will they give in to temptation and walk away from something that could be the best thing, the most timeless thing.LOVE.

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After accepting her husband’s last name, Karina Newsome, never expected her life to take a turn for the worst. She gave her heart to Ivan Newsome, with hopes of living a long life of happiness, but unfortunately, he’d turned her world upside down. Karina is left devastated, with a heart so damaged that she considers murdering Ivan. However, her conscience won’t allow her to go through with it; so, she seeks a divorce as the next best option.

While preparing for her separation, she learns that the CEO of the company she works for is retiring and his son, Brandon Vapor, is taking over. Karina kept her lust for Brandon a secret for years, as she’d always respected her marriage. But now as a free woman, Karina can’t help but test the waters with Brandon. Will she succeed in finding a healthy home for her heart to reside, or will she drown while testing the waters too soon?

Kylie had always been by her best friend, Ryan’s side, even after he moved out of his drug addict mother’s home to better himself. When a situation occurs that forces Kylie to stay away from her sister’s home, she moves in with Ryan, and with them being so close, it makes it hard for their hidden feelings not to be revealed. As their young hearts fall in love, Ryan is secretly hiding his addiction to painkillers, while silently suffering from an unknown sickness he’s been fighting for years. Not wanting to worry Kylie with his illness, he relies on his longtime friend, Ashley, to keep him stocked with meds. But when Ashley decides to confess her feelings for Ryan, their situation becomes extremely complicated.

They say true love shall never remain a part, and if only the strong survives, who will remain with a lonely heart?


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*Book of the Day*

Today’s book is part of the Family Business series (BET and BET PLUS), by New York Times Bestselling author @iamcarlweber with @mtpope.

Rio Duncan’s personality and flair instantly gain him popularity in Baltimore, but violence erupts, and all eyes are on him. Now he’s got a target on his back. Did he inherit any of the ruthless traits of the other Duncan men? Will the most colorful Duncan son get out of Baltimore and back home safe and sound now that he’s on his own?

Rio Duncan is one of the youngest children of the infamous Duncan clan. With no solid position in the family business like his other siblings, he has been feeling out of place and decides to disappear. His destination is Baltimore, and he’s sure to find what he’s looking for in the city with a community like no other. There, he finds new friends, a new love interest, and he also finds unexpected trouble.

Corey Grant has his hands full with an inherited drug empire, a complicated relationship with his incarcerated father, and secret desires that could make him appear weak to his enemies. Someone has declared a street war, and he’s at odds with his business partner, Dre, on how to handle it. Could it be Pierre, their client-turned-competition? Does this have anything to do with the sudden appearance of the mysterious newcomer named Rio?

Diana Black is Corey’s girlfriend-for-hire, and although she has a taste for bad boys, someone else has her attention. She is loyal to Corey’s cause, but how long will that last?

If you would like to purchase a copy for yourself or a friend, you can find it in the MT Pope section of the Diamond’s Literary World Amazon storefront:


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Book Review: Ruthless by Cairo

Pasha Allen is determined to find everyone responsible for her kidnapping, and make them pay…including her husband Jasper!

We witness a transformation of Pasha in this book. She goes from being a sexy vixen to this dark person, who gets off on punishing her victims. As if that isn’t enough, she has to put on a front for her family and friends.

Once again, Cassandra aka “Big Booty” provided the comedic relief that was needed in this book. She is an absolute MESS!

I enjoyed this book and loved the ending even more. I recommend this 💎💎💎💎book, and the series as a whole.

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